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Class 11






Fluid Mechanics


A U- tube shown in Fig. contai...

A `U`- tube shown in Fig. containing two liquids of specific gravities `rho_(1)` and `rho_(2)` is given an acceleration `a` in the horizontal direction. What is the ratio `rho_(1) : rho_(2)`? <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Let `A` and `B` the two free liquid levels in the two limbs. If `P_(0)` be the atmosphere pressre, then starting from point `A` and reacing point `B` through the tube, we have <br> `P_(0)+h_(1)rho_(1)g-lrho_(2)g=P_(0)` <br> `impliesh_(1)rho_(1)g=lrho_(2)a+h_(2)rho_(2)g=rho_(2)(la+h_(2)g)` <br> `implies(rho_(1))/(rho_(2))=(la+h_(2)g)/(h_(1)g)`


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the question that we have here is a YouTube showing in a figure containing the two liquids of specific gravity P1 and P2 is given and acceleration in horizontal direction what is the ratio of P1 and P2 so the question is this at the two Fluids that there have it and the whole system is accelerated in this direction with acceleration a this in this position it is in equilibrium and what we have to find us we have to find the rate of T1 and t2 simply will go from this direction should to get directions from this point to point to see how the pressure varies here is the pressure P not that is atmospheric pressure is leaving from here we have plus the pressure due to the fluid of relative density p one that is that is P1 into H1 in 2G this is hi tech

minus into 2 into a as the fluid as the YouTube is accelerating in this direction of force will be applied on this fluid by this in this direction that will be - LP2 into a - ats22 now we're considering the pressure is equal to the pressure at this point it is peanut assembly by solving this will get cancelled and we will get a simple Stephen h 1 G - LP2 a equal to 2 h 2G 5151 equal to 32 in bracket at 2g plus l

51 by p2i equal to h2g plus l a upon x 10 h1ghr that we have of the relative gravity of the two Fluids T1 and t2 so this is how there is the ratio that we have at least two G+ la1 H1 ji

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