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Class 12






Geometrical Optics


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : c.
Solution :  Each half lens will form an image in the same plane. The optic axes of the lenses are displaced, <br> `(1)/(upsilon)-(1)/((-30))=(1)/(20),upsilon=60cm` <br> From similar triangle `OI_(1)I_(2)` and `OP_(1)P_(2)` , we have <br> `(I_(1)I_(2))/(P_(1)P_(2))=(u+upsilon)/(u)I_(1)I_(2)=(90)/(30)(2xx0.05)=0.3cm` <br> Thus, the two images are 0.3cm apart. Alternatively, imagine two arrows(see figure) that act as objects for the lens. <br> Magnification, `m=(upsilon)/(u)=((+60))/((-30))=-2` <br> Image of height of arrow is `y=2xx(0.005)=0.10cm` <br> Thus, two inverted images are formed whose tips are at `I_(1)` and `I_(2)` respectively. <br> Thus, `I_(1)I_(2)=2y+Delta=(2xx0.01)+0.1=0.3cm` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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a point object is placed at a distance of 0.3 m from the convex lens of focal length of 0.2 cut into two half each of each is displayed by 0.0005 M as shown in the figure find the position of the image if more than 1 images found find the number of the number and the distance between them Udacity object destroyed by the basic concept is this if cut Alliance from the horizontal position horizontally there is no power

power remain same and focal length is also send only the intensity will decrease to half because this the the half free will be travelled to improve the one part is the basic concept now latest and Roses object is placed here at home then it shifted then the lens is supported by 0.0005 M each 16 se distance points P1 and this point is P2

British this then we have this lets this point is Taiwan and this point is item of the image where to find the distance near to hear that are and say why this distance is also why going from centre Re affected and the images formed a year for this resistance is 0.3 or 30 image distance

equals to opulentus positive for this case 21 by 27 - 31 31 is equals to 2013 23 -2 which is 1 by 16 value of objective now we have the value of we can find the magnification here equation is given by Weaver u

6037 occasion this is of the images 2020 object Sohel wecan find the value of now if you take this triangle This small Triangle this larger Triangle the similarity of the triangle the slaughter triangle then we can say in triangle op1 P2 and triangle O I when I do so I want it to divide by P1

P2 is equals to you + V by you because in images format 60 CM away from the lens and this is the distance so I when I 2 is equals to you + me by you into P1 P2 so you + 13 + 16 / 30 into value of PNP to is value from this point to this point is 0.005 so this is also equals 200.00 5 then total value 2 into 0.005 in 30 M then we have

I 2 equals to 90 by 30 X 2 x 0.005 so it would be equal to 0.3 I want to is 0.3 CM so if the total distance in 0.3 to distance so so this distance is why to wear aur bahut the side then I can say y is equals to solution is to Y2 0.005 into 2 show the height of the object is 0.1 CM

Ab To Ab To images the height of the images in this why is height of the image now from this distance 0.3 is equals to 2 x of Y + Delta the value undefined to into why 0.1 plus Delta is equal to 0.3 this is equals to 0.2 + Delta is equal to 0.3 from here we can see it is we have to find the value of I want to this is equal to 0.3 cm and 2 images of

two image or latest option so the distance between them is 0.3 CM total distance resistance delta this distance is Delta b is equal to 0.1 cm and this distance is 0.1 and 0.1 point to point the distance is 0.3 cm and the difference of these two point point from image then 11017 as the difference to this option is correct because question it is given that we have to find distance between them

to distance between the images are 0.1 CM and two images are formed by Finance in this video

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