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A block placed on an inclined ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `2.35m//s^(2)`
Solution : `a=mg(sintheta-mu_(k)costheta)=0`, `mu_(k)tantheta=tan17=0.3`. When `theta=30`, `a=g(sintheta-mu_(k)costheta)=2.35m//s^(2)`

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honour 9 Lite have placed on a bed making an angle 17 this is a block is sliding down without any acceleration on the place for without any acceleration is not experiencing any post that it is at equilibrium in terms of force ok so we will look into the picture in terms of forces and so it it is experienced by it is played in

perpendicular component will be the cause of acidity cause of 17 of 17 degree and its component will be ok it will be also experienced by normal reaction force are equal and we know that if we know that an equal to newton is equal to is equal to new time are and their cm equal to 17 will be will be new mg

MP it is moving without operation so it is in a balance condition and balance condition have you have MG cost of 17 this is equal to new of 20 MG times will get cancelled from both the sides and we will be left with is equal to 10 of 17 ok so this is the value of the angle of 30 degree

now let's again look at the picture with the angle 30 it is it is acted upon by its weight that is equal to 10 and 20 bar component of the sports will be MG cost of Italy and parallel component will be empty line of 30 degree and it will also have a normal reaction or that will be equal to the cause of Italy and friction which will be equal to you time this are so for acceleration let us consider that its acceleration is the downward direction so we can write the equation by the using the definition of acceleration which is acceleration is equal to force divided by

12 reason is equal to net net force here is MG of minus 6 is equal to write new mg of this whole network divided by total marks that is m m from a denser and we will be left with a is equal to time of 80 degree minus new cost of so we have here the time in 32 and plateau is of

70 10 of 17 degree and cost of it we have we have half minor and 10 of 17 degree is just 0.305 0.305 into solving this will get it is equal to ji into 0.236 considered to be 10 then acceleration is equal to 10 in 2026 that will be 2.3 metre per second this is our answer

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