A block is given velocity 10 m/s along the fixed inclined as shown in figure from the bottom of the inclined plane. Find the total distance travelled along the inclined plane. If the coefficient of friction is equal to 0.5 <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_PHY_RK_JM_C07_E01_145_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Text Solution

`5m``10m``(25)/(3) m``(50)/(3) m`

Answer :
Solution :
Distance travelled along plane till it stops <br> `s=((10)^(2))/(2(g sin 37^(@)+mu cos 37^(@)))=5m` <br> But friction force is not sufficient to stope there, so it will come back to the bottom of the inclined plane. <br> Total distance travelled =5+5=10 m


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student Nava gana serious question the questions that a block is given a velocity of 10 metre per second ok along with a fixed incline ok so basically this is the 10 metre per second and this is the inclined plane as shown in the figure of the incline can't find the total distance travelled along the incline plane ok if the coefficient of friction = 0.5 now what we can do we again and draw the ability of the block most important thing to solve the question ok CPC there is obviously forces on the block that is possible draw MG downwards ok also one more thing that is there is components of MG that is MG over your cos theta and over here there will be MG Sin 37 ok theatre is basically 37° 16 37 and over here will be MG sin 37° got it also is there is a 10 metre per second we are but there is no 42 here that means what there will be a friction force also backwards ok friction code

Tanda to be kinetic friction but we don't need to consider that over here to what will see you here and one more folks will be their most important that is normal force ok that will be absolutely perpendicular to the PPC properly then what are the forces are basically balance that means what normal force will be equal to MG cos 37° ok that is equal to what MG cos 37° basically 4 by 5 ok so this is basically 4 by 5 and 2 MG got it also will have to take out the acceleration of this block ok so basically axle is D acceleration basically you might see basically what we have to do acceleration is basically equal to forces ok total net force ok force net / Mass education net force is equal to what net force in the for every need to find only in the horizontal direction that means what we are only consider these two forces that means what every sin theta and a 4K

write MG sin 37° plus friction force got it so / M ok which is the mass but over here if you see the motion of the body is in this direction will the force net force is in opposite direction of care that means what over you will have to exhibit a negative sign that most important so also what will have your finally acceleration will be equal to MG Sin 37 is basically what is 3 by 5 ok plus friction force of friction force is basically new into an OK then we know and you also we know what is new basically new is equal to 0.5 so we can write it is what we can write is as one by two ok so what will have over here is that half into 4 by 5 into MG / mass all total ok and this is also exhibited by negative sign ok

Babu bhaiya finally acceleration will be equal to Mars will come common over here also ok and down also mass will bring out only so I am get cancelled ok 3 by 5 into 3 plus basically 4 by 5 and this will become what this will become nothing but to buy 5 looking into MG ok so if you see properly then this will come out to be what this is clearly coming out to be what this is clearly coming out to be ji and this is basically we took out the am so we'll just have this will be really come out to be jio ke that means what acceleration will come out to be - ok that means what are acceleration came out to be - ji now we can easily solve the sum that after what time the basically the block stop the ke so if we see acceleration is equal to minus ji ok and also we have the you basically which is initial velocity is equal to 10 metre per second ok also we have the final velocity is equal to zero and we have to find out as the case to which equation of motion

views we should use the third equation of motion that is b square is equal to use square + 2 into a into advocate now what we have is basically equal to zero use square is basically equal to 100 square will become hundred plus two years basically two into minus b minus 10 into a switch we need to find out ok so from here will hard as will be equal to minus 109 - 20 which is equal to 5 l ok Sar answer was clearly 5 metre that means what will be option on the way that is 5 metres gotta thank you

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