A and B are two points on the axis and the perpendicular bisector, reapectively, of and electric dipole. A and B are far away from the dipole and at equal distance from it. The fields at A and B are `vecE_(A)` and `vecE_(B)`. Then

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`vecE_(A) = vecE_(B)``vecE_(A) = 2vecE_(B)``vecE_(A)= -2vecE_(B)``|vecE_(B)=(1)/(2)|vecE_(A)|`, and `vecE_(A)` is perpendicular to `vecE_(B)`.

Answer :
Solution :
Electric field due to dipole at axial position is <br> `E_("axial")=(1)/(4 pi epsilon_(0))(2p)/(r^(3))`(along the dipole moment) <br> Hence, `vecE_(A) = -2vecE_(B)`.


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heavy duty to question the question says A and B are two points on Axis and perpendicular bisector respectively of an electric dipole and A and B are very far points and they feel that we were respectively the first of all we have a dipole here right and there is a point a very very far and be perpendicular bisector right so we shall that is they would be equal to ke topi by argue that is the actual electric field that is along the dipole moment where is equatorial that is formed be point that is GB is equal to K into P by RK this is the opposite to the dipole moment so this is equal to corian right so we can find the relation that is a

is equal to 2 X ab write the equation so we can say that option since they are like opposite to each other since a dipole moment is along and this is opposite so we can write this to be negative so option is the correct answer

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