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In a cyclotron, a magnetic filed of 3.5Wb/m2 is used to accelerate protons. What should be the time interval in which the electric field between the dees should be reversed? [Mass of the proton =1.67×1027kg, charge on the proton =1.6×1019C]

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Data: B=3.5Wb/m2,m=1.67×1027kg,q=1.6×1019 C,
This is the required time interval.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    A cyclotron in which flux density is 1.4 T is employed to accelerate protons. How rapidly should the field between the dees be reversed if mass of protoon be taken as 1.6×1027 kg ?

    A4922×105 Hz
    B4922×107 Hz
    C4922×104 Hz
    D4922×106 Hz
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    The maximum kinetic energy of protons in a cyclotron of radius 0.4 m in a magnetic field of 0.5 T is (mass of proton = 1.67×1027 kg, charge of proton =1.6×1019 C)

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    C5 MeV
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