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A ball of mass 0.1kg is suspended by a string 30cm long Keeping the string always taut the ball describe a horizontal circle of radius 15cm Calculate the angular speed of the ball .

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The correct Answer is:6.14

The situation is shown in
Here m=0.1kg, r=15cm=0.15m
Let the string make angle θ with the vertical . Then
sinθ=ABOA=1530=12 or θ=30
Let T be the tension in the string. Its vertical component balances the weight mg while the horizontal component Tsinθ provides the centripetal force.
And Tsinθ=mrω2.........(ii)
Dividing (ii) by (i) , we get
TsinθTcosθ=mrω2mg or tanθ=rω2g
or ω=gtanθr=9.8×tan300.15

Updated on:21/07/2023

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