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A ball is thrown at angle θ and another ball is thrown at angle (90θ) with the horizontal direction from the same point with velocity 40ms1. The second ball reaches 50m higher than the first ball. Find their individual heights. g=10ms2. Solution in Gujrati

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For the first ball, angle of projection =θ, velocity of projection, u=40m/s.
Let h be the maximum height attained by it.
As maximum height attained = u2sin2θ2g
h(40)2sin2θ2×10 ...(1)
For second ball, Angle of projection =(90θ).
velocity of projection, u=40m/s
Maximum height reached =(h+50) m
By adding (1) and (2),
Height of the first ball, h = 15m & Height of the
second ball = h+50=15+50=65m

Updated on:21/07/2023

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