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Find the common region of given inequation 3x+4y60,x+3y30,x0,y0

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The correct Answer is:N/a

Solution lies I n first quadrant.
First inequation : 3x+4y60
Corresponding equation : 3x+4y=60 060(True)
The solution of this inequation is that region of XY-place divided by line AB in which (0, 0) lies .
Second inequation : x+3y30
Corresponding equation: x+3y30
This line passes through the points C(30, 0) and D (0, 10). Join CD.
At point (0, 0), from the inequation , 030 (True)
Solution of this inequatin is that region of XY-plane divided by line CD in which (0, 0) lies.
Therefore, the solution of given inequation is shown by the shaded region.