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First inequation : 3x+2y12
Corresponding equation : 3x+2y12
It cuts the X-axis at point A(4, 0) and Y-axis at point B (0, 6). At point (0, 0) from the inequation 012(True)
The solution of this inequation is that region of the plane divided by line AB in which (0, 0) lies.
Second inequation : x1
Corresponding equation : x=1
It is a line parallel to Y-axis and at a distance of 1 unit from it which passes thrugh the point C (1, 0).
At point (0, 0), from the inequation, 01 (False) It solution is on right side of the line.
Third ineqution : y2
Corresponding equation : y =2
It is a line parallel to X-axis and at a distance of 2unit from it which passes through the point, 02 (False) Its solution is above the line.
The common solution of three inequation is shown by the shaded region PQR.