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In the decay .64Cu.64Ni+e+v1 the maximum kinetic energy carried by the positron is found to be 0.680MeV (a) Find the energy of the neutrino which was emitted together with a positron of energy 0.180MeV (b) what is the momentum of this neutrion in kgm/s ? Use the formula applicable to photon.

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The correct Answer is:(a) (0.6800.180)MeV=500keV
(b) 500×103ec=2.67×1022kgm/s

(a) KEofυ+KEofe+=Maximum energy ofe+
(b) p=EC=500×103×1.6×10193×108Kgm/s=2.67×1022Kgm/s.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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