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Two cars 1 and 2 move with velocities v1 and v2, respectively, on a straight road in same direction When the cars are separated by a distance d the driver of car 1 applies brakes and the car moves with uniform retardation a1, Simultaneously, car 2 starts accelerating with a2, If v1<v2, find the minimum initial separation between the cars to avoid collision between then.

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Method 1: Let assume that the cars udergo displacements s1 and s2 aftre a time t from the instant of beaking.
From , s1s2=d …(i)
where s1=v1t12a1t2 (ii)
and s2t+12a1t2 ...(iii)
Using (i), and (ii), we have
or (a1+a2)t22)(v1v2)t+2d=0
Which is quadratic equation in t, solving for t
This gives t=(v1v2±(v1v2)22(a1(a1+a2)da1+as2
If cars do not collede, b24ac<0
Hence, dmin=((v1v2))22(a1+a2)
Method 2: Relative velocity apparoach
Using v2ret=u2ret+2arel.srel We n obtain the same result.
Substitute: vrel=v'12=v'12v'2,urel=v1v2,
arel=a12=(a1)a1=(a1+a2) and srel=s12=d,
to obtaion (v'1v'2=(v1v2)22(a(a1+a2)d
Since v'1<v'2 to avoid collision, we have
Maximum distance (d) for collistion is possible when v'1=v_(2),
the, dmax=((v1v2))2.

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