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Two steel rods and an aluminium rod of equal length l0 and equal cross- section are joined rigidly at their ends as shown in the figure below. All the rods are in a state of zero tension at 0C. Find the length of the system when the temperature is raised to θ. Coefficient of linear expansion of aluminium and steel are αa and αs respectively. Young's modulus of aluminium is Ya and of steel is Ys.

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The correct Answer is:A, B

Let Δl be the change in length. (letΔls>Δl>Δla)
Strain in steel = ΔlsΔlal0
and strain in aluminium= ΔlΔlal0
In equilibrium, 2Fs=Fa
or 2(l0αsθΔl)Ys=(Δll0aθ)Ya
Solving the equation, we get
Total length
= l0+Δl=l0[1+(αaYa+2αsYs2Ys+Ya)θ].

Updated on:21/07/2023

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