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A rectangular water tank of base 11m×6m contains water upto a height of 5 m. If the water in the tank is transferred to a cylindrical tank of radius 3.5 m, find the height of the water level in the tank.

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Given,dimenison of base of rectaangular tank =11m×6m and height of water g= 5 m
Volume of the water in rectangular tank =11×6×5=330m3
Also given radius of the cylindrical tank = 3.5 m
Let height of water level in cylinder tank be h.
Then, volume of the water is cylindrical =πr2h=π(3.5)2×h
According to the question,
330=28.5h [since, volume of water is same in both tanks ]
Hence, the height of water level in cylindrical tank is 8.6 m.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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