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A long straight cable of length l is placed symmetrically along z-axis and has radius a(<<l). The cable consists of a thin wire and a co- axial conducting tube. An alternating current I(t)=I0 sin (2πvt). Flows down the central thin wire and returns along the co-axial conducting tube. the induced electric at a distance s from the wire inside the cable is
E(s,t)=μ0I0v cos (2πvt)In(sa)ˆk.
(i) Calculate the displacement current density inside the cable.
(ii) Integrate the displacement current density across the cross- section of the cable to find the total displacement current Id.
(iii) compare the conduction current I0 with the displacement current Id0.

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(i) Given , the induced electric field at a distance r from the wire inside the cable is
Now displacement current density ,
=V2C22πI0sin2πvtIn(as)ˆk [l4sa=l4as]
(ii) Id=Jdsdsd0=as=0Jdsds2π0d0=as=0Jdsds×2π
=a24(2πλ)2I0sin2πvt×(1) as=0In(sa)2d(sa)2=1
(iii) the displacement current
Here I0d=(2πa2λ)2I0=(aπλ)2I0

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