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(a) Name the process and explain the type of nutritio found in green plants. List the raw materials required for this process. Give chemical equation for the mentioned process.
(b) Write three events that occur during this process.

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(a) The process of nutrition in green plants is Photosynthesis.
The type of nutrition is autotrophic nutrition. Autotrophic nutrition requires sunlight, chlorophyll, water and carbon dioxide.
Plants prepare their own food in the form of glucose which gets converted to starch. This is done using CO2andH2O which gets fixed using energy from sunlight by the chlorophyll molecule present in green plants.
Equation -
(b) The three events involved are :
(i) Absorption of sunlight by chlorophyll.
(ii) Conversion of this light energy into chemical and splitting of water into H+andOH using this energy.
(iii) Reduction of CO2 to carbohydrate by H+ produced due to splitting of water .

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