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Describe the mechanism of breathing in man.

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Breathing is a physical process involving inflow (inspiration) and outflow (expiration) of air between atmosphere and the alveoli of the ling.
During inspiration, the intercostal muscles contract and pull the rib cage upwards and outwards. At the same time, the diaphragm contracts and flattens. These movements increase the volume and therefore lowers the pressure in the thorax/chest cavity . As the pressure in the chest cavity falls below that of the atmosphere, air rushes in.
During expiration (breathing out), relaxation of intercostal muscles and diaphragm takes place. The ribs move downwards and inwards. The volume of the lungs decreases, squeezing the air inside them. Diaphragm comes back to its ogiginal C-shaped position. This increases the air pressure inside the lungs, forcing it out.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Which of the following statement is incorrect w.r.t the mechanism of breathing ?

    AThe movement of air into and out of the lungs is carried out by creating a pressure gradient between the lungs and atmosphere.
    BInspiration is initiated by the concentration of diaphragm which increases the volume of thoracici chamber.
    CThe contraction of external intercostal muscles lifts up the ribs and sternum causing decrease in the volume of thoracic chamber.
    DOn an average, a healthy human breathes 12-16 times/ min.