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Name the process and explain the type of nutrition found in green plants. List the raw materials required for this process. Given chemical equation of the mentioned process.
(b) Write three events that occurs during this process.

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(a) Green plants obtain their food by the process of photosynthesis . The mode of nutrition is called autotrophic nutrition. This of nutrition involves the intake of simple inorganic materials from the environment and use an external energy source like the sun to synthesise complex high energy orgain material. The process by which green plants make their own food (glucose) using inorganic material like carbon-dioxide and water by using sunlight energy is called photosynthesis.
6CO2+6H2O+ Light energy chlorophyll−−−−−C6H12O6Glucose+6O2
Raw material required - (i)CO2 (ii)water
(b) Events that occur during photpsynthesis
(i) Absorption of sunlight energy by chlorphyll.
(ii) Conversion of light energy into chemical energy and splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen by light energy.
(iii) Reducation of carbon dioxide by hydrogen to form carbohydrates like glucose by utilising the chemical energy (obtained by the transpformation of light energy).