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What are matter waves? Derive an expression for the de Broglie wave length.Solution in Kannada

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The waves associated with the moving particles are called waves or de-Broglie waves.
de-Broglie equated he energy equation of Planck (wave) and Einstein (particle).
For a wave of frequency v, the energy associated with each photon is given by Plank.s relation.
E = hv
where h is Planck.s constant. ...(1)
According to Einstein.s mass energy relation, a mass m is equivalent to energy
E=mc2 ...(2)
where c is the velocity of light.
if hv=mc2
hcλ=mc2 (or) λ=hmc ...(3)
(since v=cλ)
For a particle moving with a velocity v, If c=v from equation (3)
λ=hmc=hp ...(4)
Where p=mv the momentum of the particle. These hypothetical matter waves will have appreciable wavelength only for very light particle.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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