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What are matter waves? Derive an expression for the de Broglie wave length.Solution in Kannada

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Waves associated with material particles in motion are called matter waves or de Broglie waves. The energy of a photon is given by E=hv where h is the Planck.s constant and v is  the frequency of radiation. If photon is regarded as a particle of mass m, then its energy given by E=mc2where c is the velocity of electromagnetic radiation in free space
E=hv=mc2 ....(1)
i.e., hcλ=mc2orhλ=mc, λ=hmc=hp ....(2)
where p=mc momentum of the photon. de Broglie suggested that equation (2) is applicable to both photons and other material particles. Thus, if a particle of mass m moves with a velocity v, then the de Broglie wave length associated with it is
λ=hp=hmv ....(3)
The above equation is known as de Broglie wave equation.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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