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The following chemical reaction is occurring in an electrochemical cell
The E° electrode values are
For lids cell calculate/write
(a) (i) E° value for the electrode 2Ag+/2Ag
(ii) Standard cell potential Ecell
(b) Cell potential Ecell ,
(c) (i) Symbolic representation of the above cell.
(ii) Will the above cell reaction be spontaneous ?

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(a) (i) The electrode potential is not multiplied by the coefficients of metal/metal ion (Ag and Ag+ in this case).
(ii) Ecell=EAg+/AgEMg2+/Mg
(b) Ecell=Ecell0.0592log([Mg2+])[Ag+]2=3.170.05912log0.1[104]2
( c) (i) Mg (s) | Mg2+(0.1M)Ag+(0.0001M)Ag(s)
(ii) Yes, because Ecell is positive.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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