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Calculate emf and ΔG for the following reaction at 298 K
Given E(Mg2+/Mg)=2.37 V ,E(Ag+/Ag)=+0.80 V

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The correct Answer is:emf=2.9930 V ;ΔG=577.649kJmol1

Step I. Calculation of Ecell
Ecell=EcathodeEanode=(+0.80 V)(2.37 V)=3.17 V
According to Nernst equation
=3.17 V(0.02955 V)log106=3.17 V(0.02955 V)+6
=3.17 V0.1770 V=2.9930 V
Step II. Calculation of ΔG
ΔG=nFEcell=(2)×(96500 C mol1)×(2.9930 V)
=(577649V)mol1=577649 J mol1=577.649kJmol1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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