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Represent the cell in which following reaction takes place :
Mg(s)+2Ag(0.0001M)Mg2+(0.130M)+2Ag(s) calculate its Ecell if Ec.cell=3.17V.

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Here, we are given reduction potential as EMg2+,Mg=2.37,EAg+,Ag=+0.80V
As the emf of the cel must be positive, this can be so only if oxidation takes place at the magnesium electrode, hence, the electrode reaction will be
M>oMg2++2e (At anode)
2Ag++2e2Ag (At cathode)
Thus, the cell may be represented as MgMg2+(0.130M)Ag+(0.0001M)Ag
Standard emf of the cell will be:
Ecell=Std. Red. Pot. Of R.H.S. electrode-Std. Red. Pot. Of L.H.S. electrode=0.80-(-2.37)=3.17V
The overall reaction is: Mg+2Ag+Mg2++2Ag (n=2)
Applying nernst eqn., we get
Alternatively, this problem may be solved by first calculating the electrode potentials of the two electrodes separately and then calculating the emf from the electrode potentials.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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