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When a body is stationary:


There is no force acting on it


The agent applying force on it is not in contact with it


The combination of forces acting on it balance each other


The body is in vacuum

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The correct Answer is:C


Updated on:21/07/2023

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    When a maximum force of 3 N is applied on a body kept on rough inclined plane of shown in the figure, then body remains stationary. The maximum external force up the inclined plane that does not move the block is 12 N. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the plane is [Take, g = 10 m/s2]

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    When a body is charged by induction the body

    Abecomes neutral
    Bdoes not lose any charge
    Closes whole of the charge on it
    Dlose part of the charge on it
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    When a body is thrown up, work done by gravity on the body is

    Dcannot say
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    When an extended source of light moves towards a stationary opaque body, where the extended source is bigger than the opaque body, then on a stationary screen placed behind the object the

    Apenumbra and umbra, both increase.
    Bpenumbra and umbra, both decrease.
    Cpenumbra increases and the umbra decreases.
    Dpenumbra decreases and the umbra increases.
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    When a stationary wave is produced in an isotropic medium

    AEach particle of the medium executive vibration of the same amplitude
    BAmplitude of vibration is maximum at some places
    CParticles of the medium remain stationary
    DThe motion of the particle is not periodic

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