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In Fig 7.51, PR > PQand PS bisects QPR. Prove that PSR >PSQ.
In Fig 7.51, P R\ >\ P Qand  PS bisects /Q P R. Prove that /P S R\ >/P S Q.

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Given: PR>PQand PS bisects QPR
To prove: PSR>PSQ
As PR>PQ, PQS>PRS (Angle opposite to larger side is larger ) ...(1)
PS is the angle bisector of QPR.
QPS=RPS...(2) [Since,PS bisects QPR]
PSR is the exterior angle of ΔPQS.
PSR=PQS+QPS ...(3) [Using exterior angle sum property]
PSQ is the exterior angle of ΔPRS.
PSQ=PRS+RPS...(4) [Using exterior angle sum property]
From Equations (1) and (2), we obtain
PSR>PSQ [From Equations (3) and (4)]

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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