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To measure the quantity of MnCl2 dissolved in an queous solution, it was completely converted to KMnO4 using the reaction
MnCl2+K2S2O8+H2OKMnO4+K2SO4+HCl(equation not balanced).
Few drops of concentrated HCl were added to this solution and gently warmed. Further , oxalic acid (225 mg) was added in portions till the colour of the permanganate ion disappeared. Calculate the quantity of MnCl2 (in mg) presence in the initial solution.
( Atomic weights in g mol1: Mn=55,Cl=35.5)

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The redox equations involved are given :
2MnCl2+5K2S2O8+8H2Oot2KMnO4+4K2SO4+6H2SO4+4HCl ……(i)
Mass of oxalic acid added =225 mg
Millimoles of oxalic acid added =22590=2.5
Millimoles of KMnO4 use to react with oxalic acid =52×25=1
Millimoles of MnCl2 present in the initial solution =1
Mass of MnCl2 presen in the initial solution =55+71=126 mg

Updated on:21/07/2023

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