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A mixed oxide of iron and chromium FeO.Cr2O3 is fused with sodium carbonate in the presence of air to form a yellow coloured compound (A). On acidification , the compound (A) forms an orange coloured compound (B) which is a strong oxidising agent. Identify (i) the compound A and B (ii) Write balanced chemical equation for each step.

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The mixed oxide FeO.Cr2O3 is the chromatic ore of iron also called ferro-chrome. It is written as FeCr2O4. Upon fusing with sodium carbonate in the presence of air, it give as yellow compound (A) which is sodium chromate. .
2FeCr2O4+8Na2CO3+7O2(Air)Fuse8Na2CrO4Sod. chromate (A)(Yellow)+2Fe2O3+8CO2
Sodium chromate (A) upon acidification with concentrated sulphuric acid changes to sodium dichromate (B) which has an orange colour.
2Na2CrO4Sod.chromate+H2SO4Na2Cr2O7Sod. dichromate (B)(orange)+Na2SO4+H2O

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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