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Gas (A) and gas(B) both turn K2r2O7/H+ green. Gas (A) alos turbs lead acetate paper black. When gas (A) is passed into gas (B) in ann aqueous solution, yellowish white turbidiyt appears. Identify gas (A) and (B) and explain the reactions.

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The information suggest that the gas (A) is H2S while the gas (B) is SO2. Both turn acidified K2Cr2O7 paper green.
K2Cr2O7+4H2SO4+3H2S(Gas A)K2SO4+Cr2(SO4)3(green)+7H2O+3(S)
K2Cr2O7+H2SO4+3SO2(Gas B)K2SO4+Cr2(SO4)3(green)+H2O
H2S(Gas A)+(CH3COO)2PbPbS(Black ppt.)+2CH3COOH
2H2S(Gas A)+SO2(Gas B)2H2O+3S(Yellowish turbidity )

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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