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Two point charges q1=+2C and q2=1C are separated by a distance d. The position on the line joining the two charges where a third charge q=+1C will be in equilibrium is at a distance


d2 from q1 and q2


d2 from q1 away from q2


d21 from q2 between q1 and q2


d21 from q2 away from q1

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The correct Answer is:4

Net force on q will not be zero if it is placed between charges. The third charge should be placed nearer the smaller charge outside AB.Let q is placed at distance x from qq2=1C.
(q1,q):F1=14π0q1q(d+x)2 along AP
(q2,q):F2=14π0q2qx2 along PB

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