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Which of the following compounds are ionic ?
(i)Li3N, (ii) Be3N2 (iii) Mg3N2 (iv) Ca3N2









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The correct Answer is:1

Since it is not easy form energy considerations to gain three electrons to achieve stable noble gas configuration, the formation of the trinegative ion (E3) is rare . But nitrogen atoms may gain three electrons and so attain a noble gas configuration forming ionic nitrides containing the N3 ion. This is because N is the smallest and the most electronegative of all the member of the group.
It takes 2125 kJmol1 of energy to form N3. Thus ionic nitrides are formed only by reactive metals which have low ionization enthalpies and can form nitrides with high lattice enthalpies. Thus ,N form ionic nitrides such as Li3N,Be3N2,Mg3N2 andCa3N2
As the eletronegativity of the other elements of the group (P,As,Sb and Bi) is low,most of their analogous compounds are covalent in nature. Thought compunds such as Na3P and Na3Bi are known, these are not ionic.

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