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Which of the following elements from amphoteric oxides?


N and P


P and As


As and Sb


Sb and Bi

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The correct Answer is:3

Group 15 shows the usual trend, that metallic character increases in decending the group. Thus first two elements N and P, are nonmetal,As and Sb are metallodis,Which show metallic as well as nonmetallic properties and Bi is a true metal. The increaseing metallic character is shown by the following features.
A. In the appearence and structures of the elements: nitrogen is a colourless gas ,phosphorus is a white, Waxy solid while rest of the elements are brittle ,metallic solids.
B. By their tendency to form positive ions:only antimony and bismuth can from the 3valent cationE3+.
C. By the nature of their oxides: nonmetallic oxides are acidic, metallodic oxides are amphoteric and metallic oxides are typically basic. Thsu the normal oxide of N and P(N2O3,P4O6)are stongly acidic, whereas those of As and Sb(As4O6,Sb4O6) are amphoteric and that of Bi(Bi2O3) is largly basic. Antimony (III) oxide, being amphoteric dissolves in sodium hydroxide solution to form an antimontie (III) and in concentrated sulphuric acid to give a sulphate:
D.The electrical resistivity of a metallic forms (αAs33,αSb39 and αBi106μ ohm cm) are much lower than for whiteP(1×1017μ ohm cm), indicating an increase in metallic properties.
However, the resistivity values are higher than the values for a good conductor such as Cu,1.67μ ohm cm) and higher than,Sn,11, and Pb,20μ ohm cm, in the adjancent group.