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The elements that has the maximum tendency to show the inert pair effect is


B i


S b


A s



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The correct Answer is:1

All the element of group 15 have five electrons in their valence shell they exhibits a highest oxidation state of + 5 by using all five electrons in forming bonds. As one goes down , the tendency of the pairs of ns electrons to remain inert (inert pair effect) increases and only np electrons are used in bonding ,resulting in an oxidation state of + 3 The stability of + 3 state relative to the + 5 state thus increases on moving down the group.
Arsenic and antimony ( V ) oxides can be obtained by oxidation of the element with concentrated nitiric acids:
2 S b ( s ) + 10 H N O 3 ( a . q . ) S b 2 O 5 ( s ) + 5 H 2 O ( l ) + 10 N O 2 ( g )
Both the oxides are unstable with respect to the 3 -valent state , decomposing into the 3 - valent oxide and oxygen occurring on gentle heating:
2 A s 2 O 5 ( s ) A s 4 O 6 ( s ) + 2 O 2 ( g )
It is possible that B i ( V ) oxide exists,although it has never been obtained in a pure form.In the view of the instability of the 5 - valent oxides of A s and S b to mind heating and the increased metallic character of B i , it would be expected to be very unstable with respect to B i ( I I I ) oxide.
Thus N showes the least tendency to show the inert pair effect while B i shows the most tendency to exhibit inert pair effect.