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Draw a circle with the help of a bangle. Take a point outside the circle. Construct the pair of tangents from this point to the circle.

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To construct a tangent from given conditions
1. Let us draw a circle with the help of a bangle.
2. Now draw two non-parallel chords such as AB and CD
3. Draw the perpendicular bisector of AB and CD
4. Consider the centre as O where the perpendicular bisector intersects.
5. To draw the tangents, take a point P outside the circle.
6. Join the points O and P.
7. Now draw the perpendicular bisector of the line PO and midpoint is taken as M
8. Considering M as centre and MO as radius draw a circle.
9. Let the circle intersects intersect the circle at the points Q and R
10. Now join PQ and PR
11. Therefore, PQ and PR are the required tangents.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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