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Draw a circle of radius 6 cm. From a point 10 cm away from its centre, construct the pair of tangents to the circle and measure their lengths.

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Steps of Construction:
1. A circle with a radius of 6 cm is drawn taking O as the centre.
2. Point P is marked at 10 cm away from the centre of the circle.
3. With the half of compass mark M which is the midpoint of OP.
4. Draw a circle with centre M, taking radius MO or MP which intersects the given circle at Q and R.
5. Now join PQ and PR. These are the tangents of the circle.
We know that the tangent to a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact.
∴ In △OPQ, OQ⊥QP and in △OPR, OR⊥PR
Hence, both △OPQ and △OPR are right-angle triangles.
Applying Pythagoras theorem to both △s, we get: (OP)2=(OQ)2+(PQ)2
and (OP)2=(OR)2+(PR)2
OQ=OR=radius=6 cm and OP=10 cm
and 102=62+(PR)2
and (PR)2=10036=64
then, PQ=PR=8cm
Hence, the length of the tangents to a circle of radius 6 cm, from a point 10 cm away from the centre of the circle, is 8cm.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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