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A vessel of volume V=201 contains a mixture of hydrogen and helium at a temperature t=20C and pressure p=2.0atm. The mass of the mixture is equal is equal to m=5.0g. Find the ratio of the mass of hydrogen to that of helium in the given mixture.

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Let the mixture contain v1 and v2 moles of H2 and He respectively. If molecular weights of H2 and He are M1 and M2, then respective masses in the mixture are equal to
Therefore, for the total mass of the mixture we get,
m=m1+m2 or m=v1M1+v2M2 ...(1)
Also, if v is the total number of moles of the mixture in the vessels, then we know,
v=v1+v2 ...(2)
Solving (1) and (2) for v1 and v2, we get,
Therefore, we get m1=M1.(vM2m)M2M1 and m2=M2(mvM1)M2M1
or, m1m2=M1M2(vM2m)(mvM1)
One can also express the above result in terms of the effective molecular weight M of the mixture, defined as,
Thus, m1m2=M1M2.M2MMM1=1M/M2M/M11
Using the date and table, we get :
M=3.0g and, m1m2=0.50.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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