JEE Advanced Tips: 6 Secret Strategies to Boost IITJEE Preparation

JEE Advanced 2023: For a long time, IIT aspirants believed that cracking JEE Advanced required nonstop day and night studying. However today, the trend is progressively shifting toward more intelligent approaches of IIT JEE preparation. A student’s ability to ace the JEE Advanced no longer depends on how voracious they are as readers, or more aptly, geeks in school. The only thing IIT aspirants need to ace the exam is to formulate a clever strategy. Last-minute JEE preparations entirely depend on one’s guidance and confidence. Since the JEE Advanced is scheduled for two days, following these last-minute JEE Advanced tips will help applicants attempt the exam with more confidence.

JEE Advanced Last Minute Preparation Tips

#1 Solving Mock Tests is a Must

The JEE Advanced mock test is basically a trial version of the exam. In order to become accustomed to the current paper pattern, it is advised that aspirants take as many mock tests as possible. Mock test aid applicants in keeping track of their strengths and weaknesses. It is recommended to practise JEE Advanced mock tests in exam-like settings just to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared for the test. Make sure the timing of the exam corresponds with either the morning or evening shift at home and that it is conducted in a setting that is similar to an exam centre so that you can evaluate your preparation.

#2 Focus Only on High Weightage Topics

Since only two days are left for the JEE Advanced 2022, therefore, it is not possible to cover all the topics. As a result, students should only concentrate on the high-weightage topics that are frequently asked in the exam.

JEE Advanced Tips: High-weightage Topics for Physics

  1. Oscillations and Waves.
  2. Mechanics.
  3. Rotational Motion.
  4. Atoms and Nuclei.
  5. Current Electricity.
  6. Electrostatics.
  7. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism.

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JEE Advanced tips: High-weightage Topics for Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry    
  2. Inductive Effect
  3. Redox Reactions        
  4. D Block Elements
  5. Lassaigne Test
  6. Victor Meyers Method
  7. Hydrocarbons
  8. Hybridization
  9. VSEPR Theory          
  10. Molecular Orbital Theory
  11. Hydrogen Bonding    
  12. Chemical Bonding
  13. Fajans Rule    
  14. Coordination Compounds
  15. Covalent Bond

JEE Advanced tips: High-weightage Topics for Maths

  1. Binomial Theorem
  2. Determinants
  3. Hyperbola and Parabola
  4. Straight Lines
  5. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
  6. De-Moviers Theorem
  7. Matrices
  8. 3D Geometry
  9. Differentiation
  10. Integration

Additionally, be sure to revise Organic and Inorganic Chemistry repeatedly since both require continuous revision.  

#3 Stay Away from Negative Thoughts

Before the exam, JEE aspirants frequently get overwhelmed and experience tension. In order to prevent overthinking, include simple activities in your day, like yoga, walking, or music, to divert your attention from negative thoughts.

#4 Proper Sleep Cycle

As you already know, JEE Advanced is conducted in two slots. Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to get enough sleep so they can align their sleep cycles with the exam times. In order to be alert and at their best for the exam, candidates should develop the habit of rising early during the preparation session, especially in the final month. To focus better, candidates should make sure they get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

#5 Time Management is the Key

Since the JEE Advanced exam will last three hours, students must be sure to time their preparation for each subject appropriately so they don’t run out of time in any section. It is recommended to practise subjects according to the quarter rule, beginning with 45 minutes for each subject in the first round. By doing this, students can not only optimise their overall score but can also improve their chances of acing the individual subject cutoffs.

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#6 Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

In addition to studying, maintaining a healthy mind and body is equally crucial. Candidates should ensure they stick to a nutritious diet and get proper sleep each night to focus better.

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JEE Advanced 2022: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are some helpful JEE Advanced last week’s preparation tips?

Answer: Know JEE Advanced last week’s preparation tips on this page.

Question: How can I download the JEE Advanced question papers?

Answer: Easily download the past 10 years of JEE Advanced question papers and essential study materials from the Doubtnut app.

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