NEET strategy - How to choose the right medical college in India

NEET Strategy – How to Choose the Right Medical College?

NEET strategy: Choosing the right medical college is a crucial decision for aspiring medical students. To help in this decision-making process, our latest YouTube guidance session by Parth Sir provides valuable insights. The session focuses on helping students understand the NEET marks Vs. rank, and the medical colleges they may secure based on both their NEET marks and rank.

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This blog aims to summarize the key points covered in the session and emphasize the importance of making informed choices when selecting a medical college.

1. NEET StrategyData on Top Medical Colleges in India

As the session begins, Parth Sir mentions that the given data has been meticulously collected from various sources, using multiple technologies. The dataset comprises information on medical colleges across India, including open seats, quota-based admissions, state-wise availability, and city locations.

Furthermore, he also specifies the minimum and maximum ranks required for admission to each college.

2. Filtering and Choosing the Best Medical College

To help students in evaluating their options effectively, the session encourages viewers to filter the data based on their preferences. The basic filter involves selecting the desired state, such as Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Next, Parth Sir proceeds to list prominent medical colleges in UP, such as KGMC in Lucknow, Institute of Medical Sciences in Allahabad, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Aligarh, BHU in Varanasi, and AIMS in Rai Bareli as well as Gorakhpur.

NEET strategy
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3. NEET Strategy – Category Selection and NEET Counseling

In addition to state and college filters, students are advised to consider their categories, such as General, SC, ST, EWS, or OBC. Students should assess their chances of admission based on their respective ranks.

Again, Parth Sir further emphasized the importance of sharing this useful information with other students to make an informed choice.

4. NEET Strategy and Tips – Specific Medical Colleges

The YouTube session provides examples to illustrate how students can utilize the data. For example, if a student secures a rank between 1,100 and 1,200 in UP, they can filter the data accordingly to find suitable colleges. Further, BHU in Varanasi and AIMS in Rai Bareli are discussed as options falling within this NEET rank range.

Moreover, the importance of considering category and open seat availability is important to make the right decision.

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NEET Online Preparation: Aarambh Batch 2.0 Begins

Selecting the right medical college is important in a student’s journey. The guidance session discussed in this blog offers the best advice to make an informed choice during NEET counseling.

What’s more, by the end of the session, the Parth Sir announces the commencement of Aarambh Batch 2.0, a comprehensive coaching program for medical aspirants. The batch aims to provide live classes, a backlog series for revision, homework assignments, teacher notes, theoretical modules, practice questions, and periodic tests.

Finally, the session highlights the significance of joining this batch, particularly for students who may not have secured the minimum safe score.

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