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Which of the following arguments are correct and which are incorrect ? Give reason if incorrect. <br> If a dice is thrown , there are two possible outcomes :- an odd numbers or an even number.Therefore the probability of an odd numbers is `(1)/(2).`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello 100% is given that which of the following argument our current ok and which are in great give reason if correct if in great OK it is your fever dice thrown there are two possible outcomes and odd number or even number therefore the probability of an odd number is 12 so we have to check whether this is correct or incorrect ok so forget about anything it is given that a die is thrown ok to possible outcomes are odd and even number so work on your own question don't think about this question and lost if this answer is 1 by 2 then this is correct ok this is the basics about doing this OK it is shown that a dry stone sirf advice on what will be the sample space is it will be the one two three four five or six ok these will be the sample space is ok and head to possible outcome their two events have an event is a

consider it is of odd numbers it is given the question now consider another even be it is even number ok it is even number now it is given that 20 of an odd number is one by two ok so work on odd number so what will be the odd number that's why there's ample space for this a odd number here one is odd ok look at the samples ismein what is your 305 visit so 1 3 and 5 it will have three elements ok now the plurality of odd number it will its wide variety of a represents aur number it will be equal to Vinod formula for 20 number of favourable outcomes / outcomes ok so here and this question favourable outcome is getting an odd number so I said there are three odd numbers ok and total number of outcomes for a die 6 so this implies a week and show that

video of getting a that is odd number it is one upon two ok suluk whether this is matching or not come back pay yes it is given that 20 of an odd number is 12 here it is one by two given so will right here this statement is correct ok because you are shown that reality of an odd number will be one by two thank you

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