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Class 9






Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


Two parallelograms are on equa...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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chupalo G on equal bases and between the same parallels then the ratio of their areas is to find the ratio of the areas so let area of the web to consider as a to event like p17a defined as area of first parallelogram after that we have to consider sap2 equal to area of s parallelogram now what is the area of what is the formula of area of parallelogram

is equal to b into hp1 equal to be one in 2012 will be this considered as a capital B2 and capital as to then be 1 equal to view an equal to be to from the formula because as per the question and H1 equal to H2 because as the

distance between two Parallel Lines Railway sequel now P1 equal to b into h&p 2 equal to b into h you can make first equation and second equation after that from equation 1 and 2 we get by creating an equal to 2 then the ratio of MG 1 kilogram to equal to 1 is to 1

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