Triangle `ABC` is isosceles with `AB=AC and BC=65cm.` P is a point on `BC` such that the perpendiculardistances from P to `AB and AC` are `24cm and 36cm,` respectively. The area of triangle `ABC` (in sq cm is)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_TRI_C05_E12_044_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> `Delta = (1)/(2) b^(2) sin 2 theta = b^(2) sin theta cos theta`...(i) <br> Now, `(x)/(24) = (65 -x)/(36) " " ( :' DeltaPMB = ~= DeltaPNC)` <br> or `60x = (24) (65) " or " x = 26` <br> `:. sin theta = (12)/(13) and cos theta = (5)/(13)` <br> Now, `(b)/(sin theta) = (65)/(sin 2 theta)` <br> or `b = (65)/(2 cos theta) = ((65) (13))/((2)(5)) = (13^(2))/(2)` <br> From Eq. (i) we get <br> `Delta = (13^(4))/(4) xx (12)/(13) xx(5)/(13) = (169) (15) = 2535`


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hello students today question is triangle ABC is isosceles with AB equal to AC and BC equal to 65 cm is the point on BC such that the perpendicular distance from P to ab and ac are 24cm 36 respectively the area of triangle ABC in square centimetre cube is yet to find the area of triangle translate Motu the first I want to draw the diagram Kiya restaurants sofa Radhe diagram Kiya this is the triangle and Mystic poet Swami going to draw line copy contents

from it Katti line at midpoint ok you can still light year students now this is the point a location on this is the point on this point the total distance is 65 now Aisi Kiya Ja be equal to a b equal to AC and BD equal to C B equal to BC BC equal to BC equal to

plus PC which is equal to 65 this is a quadratic equation number 1 and which is equal to 4 and which is equal to 36 next in triangle in triangle triangle so I am going to from here I am going to find BP value so be equal to PD / Sin B so value already know the 24th a given 24 36 24 36 so 24 by sin b so this is P question number 2

triangle is there 4 PC equal to sin C which is equal to 36 science Chaudhari 60 equation number 3 from equation to 13 we will get this is a sin b value of sin so I am going to find now I am going to from equation from equation second and third we get here we get year from equation secretary get here

BP call to BP gol2 to PC Jeweller bhai 3 ghante ki Krishna before student likewise from 194 equation from 194 we get here BP equal to 39 ok students and then P sequel 226 ok students Saudi BP and bp value here ok Students by using this from equation to location from equation to everyone knows that PD bhai send me right so here I am going to find Sin B equal to equation to

can be equal to BD bi bi bi bi bi bi services 24 by 39 so 12 by 13 location so this is what is due to this I am going to find cos B equal to 5 by 13 ok so therefore a equal to minus b minus C which is equal to 5 - 2B we will get locations because this is my first triangle so all sides are equal now now sin a equal to Sin B

do you need to send the costly Lokesh was therefore the value of the value equal to 120 by 169 ok students so this is found to be 169 using the role in now I am going to using the role in triangle abc if you do that we will find the value equal to AC is equal to BC then be divided by train location now I am going to store the value here if I suffered the valley here 65 Sin B Jodha Bai

sin2b which is equal to 5 by 2 cos B equal to 169 bhai to students therefore there for their way into sin old Deuda by to show the equation then we finally we will get at finally we will get 2535 so this is the area so this is the area of regular ok thank you

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