The locus of the point (x, y) whose distance from the line y=2x+2 is equal to the distance from (2, 0), is a parabola with the length of latus rectum same as that of the parabola y=Kx^(2), then the value of K is equal to



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Updated On: 11-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students let's discuss the question the locus of the point x y whose distance from the line y equal to 2 X + 2 is equal to the distance from 20 is a parabola with the length of latus rectum same as that of the parabola Y equal to x square then the value of k is equal to so let's begin with permission of this question so here a point P is given that is PX and this point is equidistant from a line and a point on the line is given by line Y is equal to 2 X + 2 and the point is given this 20 so let's name this will be this is basically 2.0 from here since the locus of this is a parabola then we can say that this line will be the directrix of the parabola and this as will be the focus of the problem because a point lying on the parabola then it must be equal distance from the directrix and focus so basically this is directly to we can say directrix
01:00 - 01:59and focus of this parabola is this 2020 physical addresses focus on how will consider a parabola having its Axis along the co-ordinate Axes that is y square equal to 4 let this will be payable on the plane to let this will be y square equal to 4 x to the distance between the focus and directrix of this parable this is given by this to a distance let's assume that this will be directly and this will be put of directors let's name this will be the point did Ash and let this will be a serious to distance between this is the dash dash dash this will be equal to this distance is equal to from here we can say that if our parabola is this directory and this purpose than with the distance between 20 to will also be equal to 28 because on shifting or tilting the parabola in any direction the length will not change and its length and does it is a constant so it doesn't affect
02:00 - 02:59that we are rotating a parabola we are shifting of parabola from origin to something another point So from here we can say that if you will find this LS distance else if you will find the distance LS will also equal to 28 April compare a problem with distance and it is given in the question that is rectum of the parabola having this point is the richest directors and focus is compatible for people with these letters rectum of the parabola so find the value of this a first by taking with Alice and then we will proceed to give the length of latus rectum for this parable I will this focus and directrix so fast I will teach you how to find the distance between line and a point so if a line is given to us that is a x If a line and his eldest is given as a + b y + c equal to zero if there is any line and any point P not its name this will not and it's not why not let this it's gotten it then the distance of spynote from this
03:00 - 03:59line is given by the equal to this will be equal to a it's not innotex this will be a exe not here and there will be why not Lassi upon here will be root of a square + b square this is the formula for distance so now I will find the distance between did this in which is DirectX and this purpose as so this FL distance FL will be equal to like this that is why - 2 x minus 2 upon here will be root of a square + b square here will be this one square + 1 + 2 and if you lose or we can say the distance distance you will find this is so we have to substitute the co-ordinate here so we will replace this y50 and xy to so this will be 0 - there will be 2 into 2 and here will be minus 2 upon this will be root 5 so basically this and that is distance between the directors and 4 given by
04:00 - 04:59- 6 - 6 upon root 5 and if we apply a model side gear because distance must be positive to this will get to V6 upon root 5 Pro from here if this parabola considered so we are talking about generally the letters rectum so this spell that means that to a this tour is equal to the by root 5 Pro compare the value of this parabola this will be this ke this will be equal to 3 upon root 5 so basically if a parabola is the value of this then the latest victim for this for vacancy for our problem with directors this and focus this this this will be equal to four so from here of the parabola that will be equal to 4 into this 3 upon root 5 so that will be equal to 12 upon root file from here to basically this is lete rectum and for a parabola Y equal to x square Y equal to K XA compare this
05:00 - 05:59with this standard then the value of this will be equal to the state from here we have the value of this for it as letters rectum and acquired this ke with this 48 then we get this ke equal to this 48 and that will be equal to 12 upon root 5 because here the value of the four it is 12 upon root 5 value of k is the answer to this question will be auctioned di that is developing route53 answer thank you

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