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Class 11






Straight Lines


Point R (h, k) divides a line ...

Point R (h, k) divides a line segment between the axis in the ratio `1: 2`. Find equation of the line.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `x/a + y/b = 1` <br> given point R Is`R(h,k) = [(2*0 + 1*a)/(1+2) , (2*b+ 1*0)/(1+2)]` <br> `h=a/3 & k=(2b)/3` <br> `a=3h & b= (3k)/2` <br> equation of line will be <br> `x/(3h) + y/((3k)/2) = 1` <br> `x/h + (2y)/k = 3` <br> answer


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hello everyone in this question the point are at a divide the line segment between the actress in the ratio 1 ratio 2 find the equation of the line to let's say we have a co-ordinate Axes so this is our co-ordinate Axes and a line between the access so let's say this is our line this power line between the access point the point is reached the point is H comic divide this line in the ratio 1 ratio 2 and it is our y-axis and this is our access and where to find out the equation of line so as you know that this equation of line divides delete this my decision at the point this and this is the X intercept is let's say we comma zero and the Bear intercept is 1

sorry jio Qamar in the wind receptors and also extend this line extended beyond the x-axis and y-axis to decrease our line that intercept y axis and y axis at the point A and B com 0 and a point that is at this line segment in one shoe to so let's say the n ratio and is equals to 1 ratio 2 and the pointless X1 Y1 point is equals to zero and the X2 Y2 point that is intercepts of x-axis and y-axis is equals to be comma zero and we know that the co-ordinate the co-ordinate of a point that divides the line segment joining x and y y x x 2 by 2 is equals to M X2 + nx1 / m plus

and similarly y = 2 my2 + NY 1 / amplus and their employees and actual you is equals to X 2m is 1 X 2 value is equals to b + and excellent value of n is to induction value is equal to zero divided by employees and that is equal to 3 is to 1 INR to be is b&b in 2003 let se desi question number one and that keep a is equals to my2n value of M was once my2 by two values equals to zero by 2 + and my one and is to environment value by 1 value is equals to 8 so to INR to 8.1 plus Android that is two plus one so we get the value that is equals to ke is equals to 2

300 se this question number 3 question number 3 now we have the point that is by 3 and 2A y3 so from equation 1 we can write the value of B is equals to 3 years and the value of k is equals to value of a value of a is equals to 323 cable to now we get the value of zero zero in terms of h&k know the xy + y by b is equals to 1 is the equation is the form of diffusion equation of straight line and the intercept at x-axis and y-axis so X by a value of a is equals to value of a that is on the x-axis intercept that is equals to be share value of B is equals to 3 + y by

3 ke by 2 is equal to 1 then we get the value of x by 3 + 2 y b three K is equal to 1 our final answer this question that is h y x y 3 X + 2 y b 3 k is equals to 1 thank you


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