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Problem Solving And Data Analysis


Joseph typed a 1,200-word essa...

Joseph typed a 1,200-word essay in 25 minutes with an average of 240 words on a page. At this rate,how many 240-word pages can he type in 1 hour?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `12`


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it shows the timed at 1200 words essay in 25 minutes of 240 words on a page out how many print 41 pages can hi type in 1 hour so that we can write 1200 words in 25 minutes pk night 1200 words that how many words can you write simply 1 minut in 25 minutes if we can write Edwards it will be simply 1225 248

11 minutes it Android 48 h of 240 words on a page that in order to write the page in writing 48 words per minute is going to take is nothing but 248 14813 240 the word that he had to write by 48 the rate at which the writing is 48 words per minute 5 minute 5 minute 5 feet how many pages in 15 minutes he is being able to write the interesting because we find that 241 148 words per minute is equal to 5 minutes of

its time for one page so if he has which is equal to 50 minute ride in 60 minutes is equal to 6.5 which is equal to 12 12 pages for this particular question 10 for right figures wedding want to say it correct this question 12 Eco question at this rate how many 248 pages candidate 112 pages which is correct writing speed of the answer to this question

is nothing but 12-18 watching