In triangle P Q R , if P Q=R Q\ a n d\ L ,\ M\ a n d\ N are the mid-points of the sides P Q ,\ Q R\ a n d\ R P respectively. Prove that L N=M N.



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Updated On: 28-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students in this question is given as in triangle pqr if P is equal to our q&a in another midpoints of the sides are and RP respectively prove that the first letter draught angle triangle pqr it is given that are Q is equals to these two sides are equal then opposite angles to them so I can say that angle P is equal to angle are opposite angles are equal pay for equal sides ok now it is given that and midpoint of PQ this is the points pause
01:00 - 01:59this is this is my point in and this is my point it is given letters of the joint this is Ellen and doesn't mean we need to prove that AB = MB so let us take three PL r&r ok Angle P is equal to angle or so I can say that I can right angle P is equal to angle now we need to see the relation ok so PL is equals to PHP Q is equals to cure it is given that PQ is equal to half of PQ is equals to half of your if a multiply have both side ok half of PQ is equal to PM
02:00 - 02:59and half of QR is equal to Aaram ask l is the midpoint of PQ and M is the midpoint of you are so here I can also write that is equals to ok now since in is the midpoint of PR I can say that P N is equal to N P N is equals to any angle b is equal to angle R and p l is equal to r a s a side angle side so buy a property I can say that in the PL n is congruent to triangle m&r angle are congruent so by cpct the common property of congruent Triangles 2nd LN
03:00 - 03:59ok ok thank you

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