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Calculate the mean, variance a...

Calculate the mean, variance and standard deviation for the following distribution :<br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/MAT_ENG_VI_C04_T04_0016.PNG" width="70%">  


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : With the given distribution , `x_i = 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95`<br> `f_i = 3, 7,12, 15,8,3,2`<br> `:. x_i f_i = 105, 315,660,975,600,255,190`<br> `:. sum f_i = 50`<br> `sum x_i f_i = 3100`<br> `:. Mean(barX) = (sum x_i f_i)/(sum f_i) = 3100/50 = 62`<br> Now, `|x_i - barx| = 27, 17,7,3,13,23, 33`<br> `|x_i - barx|^2 = 729, 289,49,9, 169,529, 1089`<br> `:. |x_i - barx|^2f_i = 2187,2023,588,135,1352,1587, 2178`<br> `:.` Variance, `(sigma)^2 = (sum |x_i - barx|^2f_i)/ (sum f_i) = 10050/50 = 201 ` <br> Standard deviation, `(sigma) = sqrt201 ~= 14.177.`<br>


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questions to calculate the mean variance and standard deviation for the following distribution and distribution is given in the form of the class and the frequency to the class and distribution given a government given in the form of the intervals 3214 4250 therefore the distribution is in the continuous home scope am in a very fine karna hai to pahle Mr to convert Karenge TV from HD ki aaega to read data from a click to play Mat Karna Hai Tum in Tamil Amin ka formal letter to export se kya hota hai submission of FIR into hall / summation of f i take to complete karna exercise exercise exercise the middle value of the class interval 3235 National 45-55 6575 8595 computer file into XI to the Ke Karan

surya grahan Ka prayog Karke theek hai Hamen Kabhi summation of Fir Bhi formula used the infrared Kasam Ki Kasam Kha lete to dekhiae ki submission key value Aaegi 3100 industry Mein submission of FIR aaega 50 schools of set karne ki fore wheeler Mein likhi submission of Excise 3150 special Karenge Jaega 6204 X Y is equal to 62 Tumi of the distribution is 62.8 various just a note Karte Hain Aise Maa square save hota hai barabar capital and submission FIR into x minus x square ka whole square take any ki jitni bhi exercises ka dawai chalenge Ham ismein se access a aur uska Holkar Karenge likhiye excise 35 35 - - 62 - 27 - 27 college ka result 729 next one is 45 - 62 is - 70 - 17 ka whole square is

1955 - 62 this mail is - 7 - 7 colours courage 4965 -62 33 square 1975 - 62 is 1313 Khas ka 169 85 - 62 is 23 529 ok 95 - 62 this one is 33 and is ka hole squire 1089 abhi connection karna is 144 Karke product Karenge frequency se likhiye next column Hamara FIR into x minus x bar ka hole squire energy 3217 to the operator ke liye kam aaega yah kis Kasam sorry product are kya iska mission Karenge dekhiae 10050 apni formula Mein capital and capital in the submission of frequency this 151

150 X submission of a file into Excel minus x square + 10050 X + amplifier Karenge Suzuki Jaega 201 Sigma square matlab various of this situation next a computer can I extend aviation Eastern division and this is the positive square root of the various Kanishka square root 3 14.1 8 tarikh ki Humse question Pucha gaya tha teen chij the mean variance and standard deviation of the mean of the distribution is 62.8 of the distribution is 200 and standard deviation is 14.1