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Class 11






The Straight Line


A(2, 0) and B(4, 0) are two gi...

A(2, 0) and B(4, 0) are two given points. A point P moves so that `PA^(2)+PB^(2)=10`. Find the locus of P.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer :  `x^(2)+y^(2)-6x+5=0`


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Halloween Bihar 804452 so that you can find a condition that we two point sorry we have two point suppose the first point aise hi covid-19 20 second point B which is 4 and we have another point which is 20 hair for which we have to find out the local so we know our first episode

just consider this point has come for which glucose is to be found out and we have given that this square CRPF and this will be our PV = 210 given condition is a square + b square is equal to 10 a.m. so we can easily find out the value of P Vidyut Alpha distance formula what is it that can be given a square root of x minus 2 square 1 minus sin square b square between the value of P and similarly this

CD CD CD CD CD Four Square x minus 4 whole square minus b square is the value for TV question number 1 when we put this npb in the question number 1 square inch square root will be cancelled out and instantly get x minus 2 X square + Y square + b square root of the system when will take TV square square to be cancelled out it will be simply coming out as mean square can I get this will be a square +

b + 4 and many kisses implicate square + x square + 16 - 8 x + 3 equal to 10 square square will become to a square + b square c square equal to 4 x minus 2 minus 12 and this will be + 10 and when will take this into the side to become - 10 - 10 and 14 and 15 20 also when you think that we can also take this took a square b square

- 6 x 10 20 - 10% and when we take to confirm this universe simply inside the bracket 20 square - 6 X + 5 is equal to zero so funny images replace this Chinki by X and Y replace in excel by respectively you will have square and square in K square y square - 6 X + 5 = 20 are required to this point we thank you


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