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Class 12






Theory Of Equations


A quadratic trinomial P(x)=a x...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Since the equation `ax^(2) =bx + c = x ` has no real roots, the expression `P(x) - x = ax^(2) + (b - 1) x+ c` assumes values of one sing `AA x in` R, say `P(x) = x gt` 0 . Then <br> `P(P(x_(0))) - P (x_(0)) gt 0` <br> for any `x = x_(0), i.e., P (x_(0)) gt x_(0)` and hence `P(P(x_(0))) gt x_(0).` Therefore, <br> `x_(0)` cannot be a root of the fourth degree equation `P(P(x)) = x` .

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hello bhai photo studio are questioning a quadratic + c is that the equation equals to zero is equal to X has no real roots latest how will kill equation given that is a x square + bx + c = 2 X has no real roots which is given in the question to minus x = 2 X square + b minus 1 into X + see this expression which is written that is periods since it has no real roots that is it either positive or negative letter status positive points -

greater than zero then and as I get of greater than zero then take any value is numeric value of x as X and X V 2px not this equation with just assume X SPX not because it is satisfied for all real values of it we can take to get estimate for any for equals to X not that it is greater than its not therefore cannot be root of food that is fee of PF

2 eggs love letter see how it will be true we just saw of X not is greater than its not this equation from this equation 3 X not is greater than PX not eventually we can see that people of PS not greater than its not true for all real values of p x is greater than X there will be through this equation that is free of p.m. that we had to prove that equal to X has no real roots as it is always greater than expert will never be equal to fruit thank you

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