A candidate is selected for interview of management trainees in 3 companies. For the first company, there are 12 candidates for the second there are 15 candidates and for the third, there are 10 candidates. Find the probability that he is selected by at least one of the companies.



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Updated On: 16-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone that start a question now the question is that a candidate is selected for an interview of management trainee three companies ok for the first company there are 12 candidates for the second there are 15 candidates and for the third there are 10 candidates now find the probability that he is selected by at least one of the company's now let this audition late 3 companies are given foreign companies and this is for one company that is 12 candidates are available S 15 candidates are available and for 3rd 10 candidates 11 ok now late a b and the offence of visit the event for selecting
01:00 - 01:59range for selecting candidates in first second and third company respectively ok now now we can write that priority of event a that the direction of 12 candidate that is what one by 12 in one companies and probability of be that is 415 Kendriya that is 1 by 15 and validity of the that is 1 by 10 OK then required property equals to what that is probability of at least at least one selection ok now this will be what this is 1 -
02:00 - 02:59Prakriti of no post that means no selection then 1 - priority of no selection that means this is the probability of at least one selected now simply as this is 1 - 3 priority of a bar intersection b intersection C bar ok hence we can for the right this as this is this is one minor in his hands are independent and each person has equal opportunity for each interview hence we can simply write this as this is PF member into p.o.b. bar into PO Si bar OK then we can write the selfie - what is Bieber what is the award sorry this is one -12 duty of a into what is TB bar that is
03:00 - 03:591 -3 of B and what is that is 1 -3 of writing all the value we can obtain that this is one minus this is what is fee of a that is 1 by 12V already calculated this is PB that is one minus 1 by 15 and this is bc that is one minus 1 by 10 ok now for the simple find this as we can write this as 1 - this is what this is 12 - 21 that is 11.12 and this is 15 - 1 that is 14 by 15 and this is 10 - 1 that is 910 ok now cancel out with 33935 the 15 and this is from 34 12th and
04:00 - 04:59from this this cancel out with 27 now we can write this as this is what 1 - 11 777 want to the ten hundred now we can I do this as 100 - 77 that is 2306 is the required answer of probability of at richest One Direction This is 23500 other priority of at least one Direction this is a required answer thank you

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