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Class 12






Current Electricity


When a resistance of 2 ohm is ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : 2


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hello students today our question is when a resistance of 2 ohm is connected across the terminals of a cell the current is 0.5 a and when the resistance is increased to file form the current is 0.25 a the EMF of the cell is ABCD options are given so we have to choose the correct option so the solution of this question is we know that current I is equals to EMF and this is divided by our resistance class internal resistance so from this we can say that in first case we have the current 0.5 a year and we have to calculate and resistance is given to us is two plus internal resistance R let support this is equation to and in second case we have the current is zero 20.25 and EMF is e

and resistance is increased 25 home and plus are so this is our equation to divide 1 by to divide equation 1 by 2 we get this will become too and this will = 25 + R and this is divided by 2 + are so from this we can write a this is equals to 4 + 2 hours and this is equals to 5 plus are so we get our is equals to 1 and weak effort in the equation once we get 0.5 is equals to we can write airport are equal to one on one occasion 10.10.5 is equals to EMF and this is two plus

one that from this we get EMF is 0.5 x 3 this is 1.5 volt and this is the answer for the question now we check which option is correct option B is correct thank you

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