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Class 11






Simple Harmonic Motion


What is the phase difference b...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : (b) Given ,` x_(1)=A"sin"(omegat+(pi)/(6))` and `x_(2)=A"cos"omegat` <br> `x_(2)=A"sin"(omegat+(pi)/(2))` <br> Phase difference , `Deltaphi=phi_(2)-phiimpliesDeltaphi=(pi)/(2)-(pi)/(6)` <br>`implies Deltaphi=(3pi-pi)/(6)=(pi)/(3)`


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hello everyone should be given question is what is the phase difference between two simple harmonic motions represented by the equation the first 161 equals to a Sin Omega T + 5 by 6 and the second one is X2 equals to 1 Oz Omega 3 and the given options are bye-bye 6 by 3 by 2 and 2 by 3 ok so if I write the equation which is given in the question the first one is X1 equals to a Sin Omega T + 5 by 6 we know that whatever is written in this article to metric function ok so what is the value of theta is its face so this is its face now the fees of x to the extreme given as a cos Omega T and it can be written as a Sin Omega T + 5 by 2 because we know that sin pi by 2 + status nothing but cos theta ok so its fees is this one is it frees ok so the phase difference will be given while let this be Phase 1 and this we feast

ok sir phase difference here will be given by phase difference is represented by Delta Phi equals to Phase 1 - ways to say this comes out to be Phase 1 is Omega T + 5 by 6 - fees to Omega T minus 5 by 2 this Omega T Omega deville cancel out again and I will be getting phase difference testify as pi by 6 minus 5 by 2 and its mode ok bye bye 6 minus 5 by 2 so this will be pi by 2 minus 5 by 6 is difference between is positive ok so from here I will be getting del5 is phase difference at 65 - 25 / 12 this comes out to be 4 B ok so this will be equal to pi by 3 the phase difference will be pi by 3 so from these options the correct option will be option to which is pi by 3 and restore options are incorrect


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